A downloadable kamg for Windows

This game was made for the: Magical Girl Game Jam, I did it when there was about 3 days left in the time-limit. So it might be a lil' rough around the edges.

Besides that, this is a more-or-less full 25-wave survival shmup thingio.

With some dumb "cutesy" characters to look at too! If that's your thing.


WASD - Move
Left Click - Rapid Fire
Right Click - Shotgun Fire
Space - Melee (Can fire during)
Shift - Show Hitbox/Slow Movement

Install instructions

If the game is reported on Windows Defender or any other Anti-Virus, it isn't, it's just a Clickteam Game. Please flag it as a false positive.


KAMG.zip 17 MB

Development log


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Nice game, I've been playing games from the GameJam and I did a video of my 1st run of the game

Keep up the good work